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Index of RELSA (the Recognised English Language Schools Association) approved schools in Ireland:
  • English Language Schools in Ireland (http://www.mei.ie/mei/Main/Schools-in-Ireland.htm)
The prices of courses vary depending on the length and type of course.

They start from €35 per week for a part-time course (4 hrs a week) in Dublin City Center or €90 per week for a long term full-time course (over 33 weeks, 15hrs a week) in Limerick plus teaching materials (around € 20-30 per book) and registration fees (if applicable).

How to Know Which School is Reliable
The following are a few criteria that are used to determine if a school is worthy of official recognition:
  • Course programmes should clearly state the number of tuition hours.
  • If it is appropriate, the school's courses should reflect Irish life and culture.
  • All teachers working in language schools must have a primary degree or a qualification recognised by the Department of Education and Science or the Higher Education Training and Awards Council (HETAC) as being the equivalent of a degree and taken an ACELS recognised TEFL certificate course.
  • Each school must have a person with appropriate skills, experience and qualifications in the field of academic management to deal with the needs of the curriculum. This person must be available to students and staff during a normal working day.
  • All information contained in advertising and promotional material (brochures, etc.) must be clear, accurate and verifiable.
  • Students should be placed in class according to competence and age and there should normally be no more than 15 students per class.
Cost of Living for Students
This information is intended as an outline guide to some of the costs of living as a student in Ireland. No two people will live in the same way, so it is impossible to say exactly how much anyone needs.

ICOS estimates that for a nine-month academic year, in addition to course fees and other academic expenses an international student living in Ireland will need approximately € 9950. University College Dublin (UCD) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) make annual estimates for students living outside their family home. Their estimates for the academic year 2003-2004 are € 9036 and € 10 500 respectively. These figures include rent, electricity, food, books and laundry and medicine as well as travel and social life expenses.

Although some people might be able to manage on less than these costings, these figures are near the minimum needed to survive. Costs should be increased proportionately if you are calculating costs for a period of one full year.

Accommodation Costs
Accommodation is probably the largest item of expenditure for most students. You have basically three choices:
  1. On-campus Accommodation

    This is now becoming easier to obtain. All universities have halls of residence, generally in the form of apartments for 6 to 8 students, with a private bedroom and shared kitchen, living room and bathroom. Average price of a room in a student block or 'village' is € 100 per week. Utilities such as lighting may be extra.
  2. Accommodation with a Family

    You can live as a paying guest in an Irish home, where you have your own room with space to study, but otherwise share the house with the family. Morning and evening meals will be provided, but you will have to pay for a light midday meal on campus (about € 25 a week). There are no extra charges for heat, light etc., and some of your laundry will be done. An average weekly charge will be around € 95- € 120.
  3. Self-catering accommodation

    If you choose self-catering accommodation, there is a wide range of quality and price. Cheapest is a small bed-sitting room with limited cooking facilities, usually in a converted older house, where you share the bathroom with the other tenants. A 'flatlet' (sometimes called a bedsit) will probably have its own mini-kitchen and shower, but this can vary. Prices range between € 380 - € 700 per month. Sharing a room/apartment seems to be the cheapest option of all. Prices start from €50 per week.
For detailed information on requirements set for host family accommodation and TELF courses in Ireland go to: http://www.oasis.gov.ie.
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