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Pharmaceutical Project Manager

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  • Company: City Pharmacy
  • Location: Dublin
  • Status: Permanent Full Time
  • Post date: 23-01-2020 (24 days ago)
  • Ref number: Job#146689
  • Salary: See description

Job description

City Pharmacy is looking to recruit a Project Manager with a proven track record in pharmaceutical project management to join our team.

Skills and experience required:
1. Implement and monitor a CRM system for B2B and B2C
2. Establish and implement business strategies which bring reduction in costs and improvement in customer experience both B2B and B2C
3. Plan, execute and manage risk within Nursing Home department
4. Implement and monitor a project manager system which provides cycle to cycle visibility of project milestones and performance within the Nursing Home department
5. Promote business perspectives through performance driven marketing strategies
6. Understanding of risk management and regulatory processes to ensure the company's documents and existing procedures are in line with industry best practice
7. Proven track record of budgetary control and preparation of financial analysis reports ensuring annual targets are met
8. Lead other members of the team to meet project milestones and deadlines cycle to cycle

The ideal candidate must have proven track record within the industry at this level and a Master's degree.

This role is a full time, 40 hours per week, permanent role.

The successful candidate will work in City Pharmacy's base 14 Dame Street, Dublin 2. The annual salary is €31,000.

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